By clicking the leftmost icon  it is possible to move tool_bar to another location for this 
application, for example in the area of menu strip: 


Rightmost icon button  shows the settings dialog, where

by changing the "Location" option it is possible to attach the tool_bar to another corner and switch on the clock:


"Hide" checkbox will hide tool_bar for selected application.

The "Toolbars" control can exclude and include toolbars, create new toolbars, buttons and also there is the icons editor.

If you leave the background color unchanged as it was in "new" icon then the background will be transparent.

In "Icons" tab you can change any icon, even the main icons used by tool_bar:


In the "General" tab there is a control to customize the view of the clock:


Also it is possible to hide tool_bar for all new applications by selecting "Hide by default" checkbox.

"Use separators" option works together with "Start group" option of the buttons.