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This site is based on the transit data presented for free to the developers in accordance with Google General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS).

You can find the links to the data here at PublicFeeds
It works as universal reader for GTFS databases. You can see the routes, stops  and timetables.
It finds the routes present on the selected area, generates the list of stops for chosen direction and shows the routes and stops on the map.

There is no code specific for certain database or city despite the fact that every team uses GTFS standard a little bit different -
the number and order of columns in text database can differ and internal logic of data can vary. 

This site can also create combined timetables that include transfer and it uses its own abbreviator to make the compact names for stops.
It can generate the URL for bookmarks so the user can easily return to the combination of chosen stops, routes and selected area on the map.

The colors of routes are generated automatically for that databases that do not contain them. The set of used colors is checked for readability against the Google map colors.
For more readability the currently selected route is animated.

Periodically the new text data is downloaded, compared with previous version and the new MS SQL database is created on the fly if there are some differences.

For any enquiries please contact me by this form.

Alexey Tkachenko
2013, Semaphore Park, SA