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Initially the map points to the middle of the place, you can use mouse to navigate to your area.



Over your area you can see only the routes that go there. Then you can select one of them by clicking the button with arrow to the left of the route name.


Now you see the stops of the route in the grid and it is possible to see the stop on the map by clicking the button with arrow to the left of the stop name.

If you are sure that it is your stop then you can tick the check box to show it in timetable.


Now you can tick the "More routes" checkbox to look for other routes.


Now you have the updated timetable, you can see all routes and stops nearby and by changing the scale on the map you can see where you can travel from your place.


If you tick one more stop you will have both of them in the timetable.


If you tick the route then its path will stay on the map even if you select another route.


Now if you selected the second route and two stops in it then you can tick "Combine" checkbox to see the timetable with transfer.


And now you can tick the "More routes" again to see other routes that go through these three points.


Now if you change the date to the working day you will see that there are more of them.


Now you see that the timetable shows the express routes that go in parallel and another routes that go their own way through selected points.

To save the results you can press the "Select" button.



Now the contents of the timetable is selected and it is possible to copy-paste it into another document.

Another way to save results is to click the "URL" button to generate the URL.


Having the URL you can make bookmarks.

URL does not keep the date, so it is always opened for today.