This is MW3001 (White) from www.metawatch.org .
It is already customized - it has several additional
views like calendar, double stopwatch, double time,
and alarm.

Also you can order the customization that
can be done specially for you - it is possible
to rearrange and relayout everything because
this watches have the 96x96 raster screen.

How it works.

I order new watches,
you send me your drawings, I prepare new design,
update your new watches and send them to you.

If you want to update watches yourself using PC,
then I can order watches directly to your address.
In this case you also can use them for some time
before deciding what changes you need.
Or even you can order watches yourself
and pay only for customization.


For example, in my design
you can see the week dates,
current date, month and year,
battery life and my own life.


But you can change it all
to something totally different,
for example like this.


Watches currently have

double counter,
double time,
alarm and
multipage menu.

It is possible to make full relayout
of these views and the sequence
of menu items can be also changed.


Besides changing the layout and appearance
of existing views it also possible to add
new views and functionality.

Please contact me for more details.